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For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.


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For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.
Zeiyth comforting a sad Xantcha.

I’m super nervous about posting this because I fear I’ll portray Zeiyth incorrectly. But I enjoyed writing this! I don’t know her super well but I always have gotten this maternal feeling from her. I hope I did okay! Enjoy, Zei! 


Xantcha had been feeling a little ill that night and decided to stay in the basement of the Sol’aurum. More comfortable with the residence now she didn’t mind staying in their guest quarters. Perhaps one day she would allow herself a room in the place.

She had been sleeping quietly ‘til she was rudely awakened by one of her reoccurring nightmares…

Gridania was a lit with fire and stained crimson. Bahamut was above letting its wraith out upon the realm. In the middle of The Root stood a figure. Her hair was a deep violet. Almost as dark as the skies above. Her eyes as red as blood. Below her were two figures.

The girls breaths were ragged, her heart was beating quickly in her chest. Her face and body dripping with blood. In her hand was a Lance. It was impaled into the chest of one of the figures below her. The girl was shaking as she looked up to the nightmare that was happening above her. A wicked grin upon her face.

Then she heard it. A voice. A familiar voice. “Xantcha, please. ..” Crimson orbs looked down to meet  with amber colored eyes. The man below her smiled. She suddenly remembered where she was and who she was. Xantcha’s rage quelled for a moment. The grin gone now and replaced by shock and anguish. Below her lay a black haired Elezen. It was her father, Roderic. Her lance lodged into his chest.

Stumbling back she heard another familiar voice. She looks over and sees an Elezen with dark ash-blond hair and green eyes. It was Raine. He lay bleeding, a gash in his side. Evidence of the entry proving it was done by her own lance. He’s smiles as he speaks. “Xantcha, please, don’t blame yourself.” 

She stumbled back upon her feet and look down at her hands. They were stained crimson. Had she done this? Why and how could she have done this? The evidence was clear. She looks down at both of them. They were smiling back at her. “How could you be smiling! How could you possibly after I-!”

She was cut off as her father spoke up once more. “Xantcha, don’t blame yourself.” He reached his hand out to her. “Please, just live,”  Xantcha felt her heart sank. Both of the men below her were silent now. Their eyes shut. Her heart stopped.

Falling to her knees before the two men below her she clutched her head. However, as she did so, she felt something hard upon her head behind both ears. Feeling further up the formations upon her head extended upwards and curved.

She stumbles quickly to the waters edge that was nearby. Looking into the ponds reflection she saw herself. Her eyes widened. In her reflection her pupils had become slits, her face was partially scaled and two gnarly horns protruded from her head. She touches her own face and noticed her hands were now elongated and were adorned with talons instead of nails.

Xantcha began to shake as she looked down at the reflection. Suddenly her back was in severe pain as if some one was slicing daggers in vertical lines down her shoulder blades. She hunched over and grunted in pain.

Another sharp pain shot through her body causing her to arch up and look up to the fiery lit sky above her. Two black wings emerged from the skin below her shoulder blades. She screamed in anguish.

Just as it seemed she couldn’t take anymore she felt a pressure on her arm and the world quickly faded to black

Xantcha sat up in bed with a loud scream. She was covered in a cold sweat and her hair was matted and stuck to her face. She looked around the room to regain her barrings and calm down. Another nightmare about the Calamity. This one however was incredibly inaccurate and even more sick than any other she had prior.

Xantcha felt a pressure on her arm and was about to see who or what it was but her curiosity was cut short as a wave of nausea hit her. Stumbling from the bed she sprinted to the nearest waste basket and lurched over it. 

As the contents of her stomach finished their exit she felt a warm hand on her back. Wiping her face she let out a sigh and stood up. When she looked behind her she saw Zeiyth standing behind her. Her eyes were somewhat averted and a small reassuring smile upon her face. Her arm outstretched toward Xantcha. In Zeiyth’s hand she held Xantcha’s eyepatch. Zeiyth was always so respectful of her privacy.

The violet haired Miqo’te nodded and took it with thanks. Getting it on in a comfortable matter she sat back down on the bed and slid on a cotton shirt. Zeiyth watched Xantcha as she dressed herself. The lavender haired Miqo’te had always seemed a little distant and never coming to anyone with any of her personal problems.

Zeiyth understood this but there was only so much that one person could keep inside. She had been keeping an eye on the girl and this wasn’t the first nightmare she had overheard or known of. When she had first arrived it was almost like she wasn’t there at all. Xantcha had definitely become more active and sociable since she first joined but the girl still seemed troubled.

Xantcha finished putting on her clothing and ran a hand through her feathery thick hair and parted it to one side revealing the shaved part of her head. Zeiyth watched as Xantcha did this. She could see the weight in the girls crimson eye. However, Zeiyth would always respect her guild mate’s privacy. However she couldn’t just do nothing. It pulled at her heart strings.

Xantcha smiled weakly as if nothing had happened and continued to adjust her hair and clothing as she sat on the bed “Thank you Zeiyth. Sorry for the trouble. It shouldn’t happ-” however she was cut off as she felt to arms wrap around her from behind. Xantcha was shocked at first. She wanted to fight it but she only sat there. Her eyes becoming half lidded and melancholy.

Zeiyth held her there silently. No words needed to be spoken. Actions truly spoke louder than words. The fact that that Xantcha had allowed her to stay as they were and accept her comfort was enough proof to Zeiyth that she was thankful for the company. Even if they never spoke of this moment again.

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